Delivery from China

Delivery of loads from China – the main profile of our company. Delivery from China is the first service that appeared in the list of services of our Kiev office (after all, our parent company is located in China) since the 2012th year. However, in the current 2021, this service has not lost its relevance, because China remains the main forge of the World. We carry out sea and air delivery of goods from China. Delivery of goods from China comes from all major ports of China: Ningbo, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Shanghai.

It’s best to transport load from China to Ukraine by sea via European port (Hamburg, Gdynia) with further arrival at our warehouse in Kyiv. The optimal volume of load is start from 5 CBM.

Delivery from China to Ukraine is comes from Beijing, Guangzhou.

We provide full-range services throughout China:
– load insurance at the request of the Client (1% of the invoice’s sum);
– customs clearance, we work only with senders-legal entities;
– payment to your Chinese money provider for your goods through swift transfer;
– delivery of goods across the country;
– packaging.

Доставка из Китая

Features of transportation of consolidated cargo from China:
– “turnkey” delivery to any city of Ukraine;
– payment upon delivery of the goods to the recipient (or after delivery of your cargo to our warehouses in Odessa or Kyiv);
– order the required batch (not full container);
– the possibility of air shipments – from 50 KGs;
– monitoring the movement of goods, the message delivery status;
– collection of cargo at the sender’s warehouse;
– execution of export documents;
– guaranteed export closure;
– weekly shipbuilders;
– airplane departures 1-2 times per week.

– air (minimum weight is 50 KGs) – start from 8 USD/KGs,
– sea (minimum volume is 1 CBM) – start from 700 USD/CBM in Odessa.

Goods from China are in great demand in Ukraine, and their delivery from China will take place instantly and at “turnkey” minimum rate if you contact our Company.

We have extensive experience in the complex delivery of the following products from China:
– auto parts and auto accessories, construction equipment;
– chemical, construction, medical equipment;
– musical instruments;
– creams, cosmetics and perfumes;
– massagers, massage chairs, tourmaline cups and other health products;
– electronic components;
– banking equipment;
– furniture.