International air transportation

We deliver air cargoes from more 70 countries of the World.
Air delivery of goods can be directly under Commercial Contracts to the airports of Kiev, Odessa, Lviv, Dnipro, Kharkiv, and through the option of multimodal transportation to any world airport, including Frankfurt, Warsaw, and Vilnius.

Consider the advantages of air freight to Ukraine:
– complex air delivery of the cargo is faster in 3-4 times compared with sea delivery.
– it is possible to quickly deliver the small batch of goods from 70 KGs from any country in the World.

International air transportation

These advantages are especially relevant for the following product categories:
– valuable goods;
– food in compliance with temperature regimes;
– drugs, donor organs, vaccines;
– dangerous goods;
– electronics;
– cosmetics.

Air delivery of load by SinoUA will be the right choice for the entrepreneur of Ukraine. We not only organize fast delivery, but also guarantee the safety of the goods in compliance with all conditions of transportation, as well as the affordable cost of our services.
Contact our manager for advice and you will see that delivering your cargo by plane will not be so expensive, and this service is quite affordable and justified for many categories of goods.


Turning to us, you get:
– the fastest possible speed of delivery of your goods to the end point;
– the fixed rate that does not change, and excludes unforeseen expenses and surcharges;
– 24/7 information about the location of the cargo in the current minute.

On average, “turnkey” tariffs for the delivery of air cargo from Southeast Asia to Ukraine by plane, is start from 9 USD/KGs.