Product integrity guarantee

Product integrity guaranteeThe issue of cargo security during delivery is extremely important for the end customer.
To reduce financial risks from embezzlement, force majeure (natural disasters, fires, war, vehicle death, etc.)
is invented insurance. There is nothing new in this, and one must insure the load, and sleep well, or another save a little, reduce total costs, and rely to chance.

So, for Clients who work with us on an integrated basis, our company has developed special simplified rules for the transport and insurance of their goods.
Insurance interest rate is 1% of the declared value of the goods. Insurance compensates for 100% of the estimated value of the damaged or missing
cargo. The estimated value of the goods is indicated by the Client and confirmed in Commercial Invoice and Export Declaration, which received from the Sender.
The company accepts goods for transportation by the number of places and does not check the internal contents of the packaging (we cannot climb inside). Our Customer receives the goods in Ukraine also by the number of places.