Korean auto parts

Deliveries of auto parts from Korea – one of the main activities of our Company. The minimum cost of the supplied auto parts lot, for which we begin to work, is 5,000 USD and more.

How to organize the delivery of large quantities of auto parts from Korea? – This is not a question for us, this is the statement, because we have the list of Korean suppliers that have been proven over the years. We, SinoUA, are processing the order, and offer our Customer the complex, which including percentage, money transfer, delivery and customs clearance of auto parts to ending ukrainian city. The average time is 4-5 weeks to collect the necessary range of auto parts in Korea, and the delivery cycle – customs clearance across the Western border – near 6 weeks (if we have sea freight). Thus, the total time cycle for the delivery of auto parts from Korea since the receipt of the list of necessary products (with part-numbers) from Customer is near 3 months. We have auto parts catalogs throughout all model range such brands as KIA, Ssang Young, Hyundai, Samsung.

korean parts

Delivery of auto parts from Korea to Ukraine is the difficult process, so we developed the optimal algorithm for delivering necessary auto parts to our Customer.

Our work algorithm is next: you send the list of necessary auto parts with part number of each position, the number of auto parts for each position, and our Korean suppliers send the catalog of necessary auto parts with prices during 48 hours, and the approximate total volume in CBM and weight in KG of this auto parts lot. Our customs broker calculates the delivery and customs clearance, and you see the final sum, which doesn’t change while you work with us.

Also, our company delivers groupage cargo and container from Korea.
Regular delivery of goods from Korea by sea and by air.

• Delivery cost “all inclusive” – from 1000 USD/CBM by sea, from 9 USD/Kg by air (with minimum weight is 100 kg);
• Delivery time: 50-55 days by sea, 14-16 days by air;
• Registration of all export documents;
• customs clearance of goods from Korea;
• Delivery of goods from Korea to any ukrainian city.

Details on request by mail info@rastamogka.net or call on the phone: +38063-400-9995 (also have Viber).

There is the similar service on auto parts of Chinese car brands. Deliveries from China are carried out from the warehouse in Shenzhen & Ningbo.