International road transport

Freight trucking – this service is ideal for importers when it comes to delivering cargo from/to an European country. Trucking is the separate service, or part of the combined transport of goods in combination with air and sea transport.

Auto delivery from Europe is the only reasonable way to deliver cargo with a small volume of it for minimal money. Cargo delivery from Europe takes place both with full TIR truck (86 cubes) and small cars with total volume capacity of 16 cubes. All loads from Germany, Holland, France, Spain and other European countries are consolidated in our custom warehouse in Chelm (Poland) before entering to Ukraine.

International road transport

SinoUA takes to the car delivery of any goods from Europe to Ukraine “turnkey”, the minimum volume is 1 CBM.

What advantages do we see when transporting goods from Europe to Ukraine by car? They are as follows:
– Efficiency: in contrast to air and sea transport, which are tied to the specific schedule, the delivery of load by car goes around the clock, without interruptions on weekends and holidays;
– Low price delivery of goods. The “turnkey” rate from Germany is from 750 USD/CBM, from Holland – 850 USD/CBM nowadays;
– The ability to deliver cargo right under the Client’s door;
– Mobility: individual routes are prepared that are suitable for the needs of the Client regarding the route and duration of delivery of the necessary goods. After all, the automotive network is very developed, there are toll and free roads, you can choose any speed mode when delivering goods.

We will auto-deliver your goods from all European countries, with guarantees of the integrity and safety of the goods. Call to us on +38097-568-47-47, we’re waiting!