Delivery from USA

Delivery of goods from the USA is a direction launched by our company back in 2015. Too many Ukrainian importing companies are actively working with trading companies from the United States, and we help them with it by shipping and air freight from the United States to Ukraine.

Air transportation from USA allows you to receive consolidated load in the shortest possible time (14-18 days via Warsaw/Vilnius and our warehouse in Chelm), while shipping from the USA to Ukraine takes 45-50 days.

Goods from the United States are currently sold in many retail chains of Ukraine, and their delivery from the United States will take place instantly and without incident if they are in the hands of our logisticians who value their reputation.

Delivery from USA

Cargo delivery from USA is comes from New York, Anchorage, Baltimore, Boston, Detroit, Los Angeles, Miami, New Orleans, Norfolk, Houston, Philadelphia.

We provide full-range services throughout the United States:
– cargo insurance;
– customs clearance;
– payment to your American money provider for your cargo;
– delivery of goods across the country to the airport/seaport/our warehouse.

Features of transportation:
– “turnkey” delivery to any city of Ukraine;
– payment upon delivery of the goods to the recipient (or after delivery of your load to our warehouse in Kyiv);
– order the required batch (not full container);
– the possibility of air shipments – from 100 KGs;
– monitoring the movement of goods, the message delivery status;
– collection of cargo at the sender’s warehouse;
– execution of export documents;
– guaranteed export closure;
– weekly shipbuilders;
– airplane departures 1-2 times per week.

– air (minimum weight is 100 KGs) – from 12 USD/KGs,
– sea (minimum volume is 1 CBM) – from 1000 USD/CBM in Kyiv.

We have extensive experience in the “turnkey” delivery the following goods from the United States:
– high-quality consumer electronics, automotive electronics, watches;
– car parts, motorcycle parts;
– vitamins, nutritional supplements, sports and dietary nutrition;
– household chemicals, carpets and carpeting;
– liquid for electronic cigarettes;
– Intimate goods.