Доставка з Німеччини

Delivery from Germany is the most popular service inside European Union along with the delivery of goods from Poland, because Germany is BIGGEST EXPORTER in Europe. We will deliver any goods from Germany to Ukraine, the minimum volume of load is start from 1 CBM.

Air delivery of goods from Germany is 3 times faster than auto delivery of goods from Germany, but much more expensive (logistic component), therefore it is used extremely rarely when goods from Germany to Ukraine need to be delivered instantly before any holidays.


Products from Germany are sold worldwide currently, Germany is the largest exporter in Europe. Cargo from Germany to Ukraine is best transported by road, while loading full volume of the truck – 40, 86 or 120 CBM. Delivery of goods from Germany to Ukraine usually takes near 14 days, with final delivery of Kyiv with subsequent dispatch by courier services to any city in Ukraine.

• “Turnkey” delivery cost is start from 5,5 euro/KGs;
• Delivery time: 14 days;
• Consolidation of your goods from various suppliers in our warehouse in Gamburg;
• Registration of all export documents, work with legal entities and individuals as senders;
• Customs clearance of goods from Germany, insurance (optional);
• Delivery of your load to any ukrainian city from Kyiv by courier service such as Delivery, Nova Pochta.

We have extensive experience in the integrated delivery of the following goods from Germany:
– automobile oils and auto parts;
– refrigeration, food, engineering, chemical equipment;
– construction equipment;
– water purification systems;
– power tools, electrical equipment, lamps.