Доставка товарів та вантажів з Бельгії, розмитнення

Delivery from Belgium is the service needed a lot of ukrainian importers, and our company SinoUA performs road transportation of consolidated loads from Belgium. At Belgium, there are many modern production of construction, aerospace, automotive, chemical, textile industry.

We will undertake all customs clearance procedures for goods from Belgium to Ukraine. For “turnkey” delivery calculation we need from the Client next information: total volume in CBM and gross weight in KGs, invoice’s sum & Commercial Invoice, whether it is necessary to close the EX-A.

Delivery from Belgium

Cargo delivery from Belgium to Ukraine is carried out from any city. Our warehouse is located in Brussels, or the Belgian sender can independently send your load to our polish warehouse in Chelm.

We provide full-range services throughout Belgium:
• “Turnkey” delivery cost is start from 6,5 USD/KGs;
• Delivery time: 14-16 days;
• Consolidation of your goods from various suppliers in our warehouse in Chelm (Poland) or Brussels;
• Registration of all export documents, work with legal entities and individuals as senders;
• Customs clearance of goods from Belgium, insurance (optional);
• Delivery of your load to any ukrainian city from Kyiv by courier service such as Delivery, Nova Pochta.

We have extensive experience in the delivery & custome clearance of the following goods from Belgium:
– auto parts and accessories, elements of tuning cars;
– laminate/wallpaper/wool carpets;
– electronic components;
– tractors.