Delivery from Argentina

Delivery from Indonesia is the service which opened our company since 2019. Argentina is the second economy in the countries of South America nowadays, an industrial-agrarian country.

Air delivery from Argentina is higher in cost, but allows you to receive consolidated load from Argentina at our warehouse in Lutsk as soon as possible (14-18 days), and shipping from Argentina is much cheaper, but longer in time (50-55 days). We can arrange clearance of shipping and customs documents in Argentina and insure your load, if necessary. Also, our company will take over all procedures for customs clearance of goods from Argentina to Ukraine.

Delivery of goods from Argentina to Ukraine comes from Buenos Aires, Cordoba, Mar del Plata.

Delivery from Indonesia

We provide full-range services throughout Argentina:
– load insurance at the request of the Client (1% of the invoice’s sum);
– customs clearance, we work only with senders-legal entities;
– payment to your money provider for your goods through swift transfer;
– delivery of goods across the country/

Features of transportation of consolidated cargo from Argentina:
– “turnkey” delivery to any city of Ukraine;
– payment upon delivery of the goods to the recipient (or after delivery of your cargo to our warehouse in Lutsk);
– order the required batch (not full container);
– the possibility of air shipments – start from 100 KGs;
– monitoring the movement of goods, the message delivery status;
– collection of cargo at the sender’s warehouse;
– execution of export documents;
– guaranteed export closure;
– weekly shipbuilders;
– airplane departures 1-2 times per week.

– air (minimum weight is 100 KGs) – start from 12 USD/KGs,
– sea (minimum volume is 1 CBM) – start from 1000 USD/CBM in our warehouse at Lutsk.

Delivery terms:
Sea transport is 50-55 days;
Air transport is 14-18 days in our warehouse at Lutsk.

We have experience in the integrated delivery of the following products from Argentina:
– clothes, shoes, bags;
– tea/coffee;
– cell phones.