Product certification

Certification of UkrSEPRO (Certificate of Quality, Certificate of Conformity) is the procedure that confirms compliance with quality standards for certain goods and services.

We, SinoUA, certify goods from China, goods from Korea, goods from Vietnam, goods from Taiwan, goods from India, goods from Turkey, goods from Israel, goods from Europe using the UKRSEPRO system as soon as possible (4-7 working days ) at the best prices into ukrainian market.

The UkrSEPRO certificate proves conformity of products with standards and technical rules which are demanded by the government of Ukraine.

There are products which are liable to the mandatory certification. It is not possible to export and distribute them without the Certificate in system UkrSepro.

There is also the Voluntary Certificate which gives the bigger prestige for imported goods to Ukraine. Thanks this certificate your products will get bigger confidence of ukrainian customers.

There are few kinds of UkrSEPRO Certificates:

UkrSEPRO Certificates for Single Delivery: This certificate gives an opportunity to import one delivery. Only goods included in this delivery are certificated. This certificate is not valid for a different delivery or a different buyer. Sample test are sometimes necessary.

UkrSEPRO Certificates for 1 year serial production: In this case, the products must be checked by the ukrainian norms. Although there is no need to audit the factory, but the sample test are necessary.

UkrSEPRO Certificates for 2 year serial production: There must be done the audit of the factory to get this certificate. Beside, there must be done the tests of samples in Kiev. Because of the enough duration and not very expensive costs, this kind of certification is mostly advised.

UkrSEPRO Certificates for 5 year serial production: This kind of certification is very expensive and difficult. At the beginning the Ukrainian Certification Organ check in the firm all the requirements of ISO 9000 for a long period. Then the samples of products must be checked. The inspection control and additional test reports are obligatory and repeated every year. That is way this kind of certification is not recommended.

Minimum package of documents required for certification:

– detailed description of the goods, including photos, composition, full name of each model (if there are several), HS code (if any);
– information about the manufacturer: address, name, contacts;
– the copy of the Commercial Invoice for the goods to be certified;
– CMR on the passage of the customs border of Ukraine.

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