Bid guarantee

Bid guaranteeWe guarantee the immutability of the rate in the stipulated time for customs services and rates for logistics. Of course, the agreed value of our commission does not change for support of the transaction during the delivery of “turnkey”, when we carry and customs clearance of the goods to its importer. We sign the contract that displays the rate for complex delivery.

How to deal with the risks of raising the customs value, which often occurs in our country? Importers are constantly asking this question. Working with customs is not easy, and we are not Gods, and we can not give 100% guarantee that the customs value will not be changed, it is not in our area of responsibility. But we can defend the customs value in the interests of the Client.
Our experienced brokers know which documents should be prepared in advance in order to clear customs without additional costs and for only 1 day. Customers who work with us on an integrated basis, received repeated confirmation that, thanks to our competent professional approach to import, properly prepared and agreed documents, customs clearance runs smoothly and timely.

Entrust your cargo to our professionals, and save your time, nerves and your money!