Delivery from Russia

Delivery from Russia to Ukraine is the demanded service in our market, despite the difficult political situation between our two countries.

Nevertheless, the trade turnover between Ukraine and Russian Federation has been growing from year to year, and clothes, shoes, machine tools, paints and varnishes, building materials, energy carriers and other goods are being imported from the territory of the neighboring country. Goods from Russia are sold in Ukraine, they can be found in stores, retail chains and markets.

Consolidation of loads from Russia takes place in Belgorod at our warehouse, where all the goods are lost and then delivered to the regional customs in Ukraine.

Delivery from Russia

We provide full-range services throughout Russian Federation:
– transfer of money to the account of the Russian sender via swift transfer;
– load insurance, work with legal entities and individuals;
– delivery of goods across the country;
– consolidation of loads from several suppliers in our warehouse at Belgorod.

Features of transportation of consolidated cargo from Russian Federation:
– “turnkey” delivery to any city of Ukraine;
– payment upon delivery of the goods to the recipient;
– the possibility of shipments – start from 1 CBM;
– monitoring the movement of goods, the message delivery status;
– collection of cargo at the sender’s warehouse.

“Turnkey” delivery time from our warehouse in Belgorod to Ukraine – 10-14 days.

Price is start from 5 USD/KGs.  Pls call to +38097-568-47-47 for receive more information!