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Our services

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Our services:
•    Marketing research of some specific segment in Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese markets;
•    Vietnamese, Chinese, Korean and Japanese factories inspections. Our agents are actually native to those countries and very experienced in inspection matters.
As our client, you get application form where you can in details describe all your wishes and expectations towards inspection.
•    Organization and support of business meetings in Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, and Japan;
•    Delivery and customs clearance of shipments and cargos from South Eastern Asia ( sea freight and air freight);
•    Delivery and customs clearance of cargos from Europe (automob.);
•    Delivery and customs clearance of cargos from North America and Israel (sea freight and air freight);
•    Consultation and Supervision of our clients that are about to enter into contract.

Services that we offer at Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, and Japan:
•    Control of execution and compliance of the contract;
•    Screening and examination of manufacturing process;
•    Goods reception from production – all items(products, goods) are being examined to fulfill quality, quantity and other specifications required by our clients.

Cargo transportations
•    Confirming all the paper work for export from China, Vietnam,South Korea, india, Japan;
•    Consolidation, stocking up and cargo handling (warehouses in Shenzhen, Beijing, Osaka, Seoul, Hamburg, New-Delphi, Berlin, Hanoi );
•    Cargo shipping and customs clearance in Ukraine (West Border, Odessa and Iljichyovsk)

How we work :
1.    Receiving requests from clients (via phone calls, e-mails, in -person);
2.    Searching on information about products and manufacturers;
3.    Company’s agent in Kyiv transfers information to international agents in Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, Japan. At the same time manufacture representatives are being contacted on the matter of :
- presence of samples;
- technical features and qualifications;
- duration of an operative cycle;
- materials that products are made of;
- physical and chemical compound;
- brand;
- package;
- price per unit, 1000 pcs, 10 000 pcs;
- terms of delivery .
4.    After client’s product purchase confirmation, our company provides clients with legal advise and support, contract drafting according to national law of agreed parties and, of course, plans delivery route and terms:
-signing agreement;
-payment – 30 % prepayment is common practice  for  South Eastern Asia countries;
-manufacture quality inspection;
- package control;
- after further confirmation by client, shipment, customs clearance, declaring and delivering to stock  are being organized.

Our company offers different kinds of transportation, declaring services in Vietnam, China, South Korea, Japan and provide customs clearance at Ukraine.
We can transport your cargo via sea, air and auto.
Also we offer packing and stocking before delivery.

To easy preparation of shipping documents set for Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, Japan, customer and manufacture should provide following information :
- Packing List;
- Expert Report;
- Product Invoice;
- Full product release date;
- Exact contact information of both sides.