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Marketing research

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Our representatives are wildly spread all over the world but we would like to distinguish Southeast Asian countries – Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan, and India.

Looking back, we all became victims of fast growing economy and power of China, where no more the cheapest market exists. During past 5 years Financial level of country went up together with salaries of workers and prices of products. Raw materials there got higher in price as well as production itself.  Therefore numerous well known brands began to search cheaper manufacturing sites and moved their production bases to another growing trade` country – Vietnam. That is why marketing research for products of Vietnam became for our nationals as popular as researches in China.

Japan – is incontestable global leader in computerizations, latest high-tech innovations, auto- and aircraft industries, though its third largest economic after USA and China. Our marketing team is closely cooperated with international trade agents and can simply help you to find any product in countries mentioned before. You just need to characterize goods that you are looking for and we will make research, calculate expenses and charges, organize special business tour to factories, manufacturing bases and stocks (if you need to see product for yourself). Our agents in Vietnam, China, South Korea, India and Japan are opened for supervising inspections of already defined manufacturers, ordered products and their presence in stock.

Back to China, there is no mystery that Ukraine got interested in products and production power of that country. Chinese goods are  turning to  profitable alternative that combines affordable price at worthy quality, wide range of choice is a plus. In 10 years, Great amount of European and American companies set their production bases in China and then deliver ready commodities all over the world.
Today Chinese market is so wide, that everyone can find desirable product which satisfies price and quality expectations of consumer. Chinese manufacturers and suppliers enter international trade markets with quality goods and that makes them globally attractive for customers. Ukraine is not an exception and that makes not easy task for Ukrainian businessman to find trustable Chinese supplier.

Again, price and quality of products makes it profitable to cooperate with Chinese factories and firms. 
Marketing department of SinoUA is fully at your service and offers you:
- to collect and analyze commercial, economical and marketing information;
- to surf Vietnamese, Chinese, South Korean and Japanese trade markets for requested products and manufactures; 
- to  identify confidence of suppliers and supervise quality of products they make, for future cooperation.

For comfort of our clients, we use “request - reply” algorithm. Our client will receive Application form, which he can fill using help of our consultant in domestic office, or get it via e-mail. While filling application, you must describe your requirements and expectation of manufacturer and their products in details.  After finalizing criteria of research  and payment methods, application is being formed. Form is followed by signing an agreement and 100 % prepayment is done. Finally, application is sent to our agents in Vietnam, China, South Korea, India or Japan.
Price for marketing research varies from country, MR for China,Vietnam, India will cost you 200 USD, MR for South Korea, Japan – 400 USD.
As a result of research client will get a list of 5-7 manufacturers, information about them, their products and prices(price lists), photos, samples of products(if required and with
additional payment), recommendation and objective opinion about each company and cooperation with them.

Negotiations with manufacturers, suppliers and companies personnel are done by our international agents in Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan, also by SinoUA domestic staff in Kyiv. In addition to main services and marketing researches in Vietnam, China, South Korea, India, Japan, we offer  supervising and quality control of products that are being packed and prepared for shipment. This service is provided by our agents and involves personal visitation to shipment terminal, where agent checking product’s complete set according to an agreement, making photo and video report of packing process. When inspection is finished, client will get multimedia report, copy of package list sealed and signed by factory’s representative, and all another supporting documents.  Cost of this service is calculated according to each separate case and varies from 250 USD to 750 USD.

Due to conditions of marketing research, its takes about 20-22 calendar days. To apply for this service, please contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it and +38097-568-47-47 (Sergey).