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тел.: 063-400-9995, info@rastamogka.net

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We offer you supervising and inspection of production bases, manufactured items and cargos that are being packed and prepared for export from South Eastern Asia countries – Vietnam, China, South Korea and Japan, and India.

Its is very common that browsing Internet or other web recourses ( like www.alibaba.com and www.made-in-china.com) lead you to fictitious companies and unreliable manufacturers that can easily speculate on quality of the products and actually stated facilities. Unfortunately, we became victims of unpleasant issues when Ukrainian companies had transferred impressive sum of money upon invoice given by Chinese partners and afterwards foreign party disappeared. So, please, in sake of saving your time and money, be aware and careful when making decision to cooperate with unverified company – no matter what they promise to you.

On the other hand, it takes a great effort to go to Vietnam, China, South Korea, India and Japan by yourself. First of all it costs much, second – there are cultural
differences and language barriers, and last but not the least  – lack of impersonal connections and network. Foreign person that comes just from street (even if you have qualified
translator or guide) will always be welcomed and treated as a stranger, outsider.  Our company with be glad to solve those problems for you! Experienced agents of our organization are native citizens, so that they can identify and inspect any factory chosen by you. As they come from the same culture with people (company) you are interested in, they pay attention to all the details of manufacturing process and can easily understand if the company is unreliable.

On your request our agent at Vietnam, China, South Korea, India and Japan can visit companies that caught your attention (1-3 manufacture bases). In your application form you must formulate general requirements as well as detailed notation about inspection and your expectation about it (organized in paragraphs). Application form is followed with an inspection agreement, where dates and clear instruction for agents are being fixed. Followed instructions will be considered and improved according to wide experience of our partners and personnel. Our agents will be well oriented domestically and will operate chance to collaborate with manufacturer, testify quality of the products and get a sample for you.

Afterwards, Client is provided with e-report, photos and other supplying materials of the inspection.
Cost of this service varies from 250 USD to 750 USD and depends on inspection’s difficulty, distance between agents location and position of the supervised object.