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About Company

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We appreciate your interest in SinoUA company and are pleased to offer you introduction of the services provided by us for future cooperation! In December 2012 we became the official representative of the Chinese logistic company " WANCHENG Hongkong Int'" (http://www.mslogistics-sz.net/en/) in Ukraine. Therefore we got possibility to process all loads from China to Ukraine instantly.

Currently we deliver  and customs clearing goods from following countries:
-    Japan
-    China
-    Turkey
-    Israel
-    Malaysia
-    India  
-    Singapore
-    Vietnam
-    Taiwan
-    South Korea,
-    Canada
-    USA
-    Germany
-    Netherlands
-    Belgium
-    France
-    Poland
-    Italy
-    Czech Republic
-    Slovakia
-    Slovenia
-    Estonia
-    Latvia
-    Lithuania
-    Hungary.

This page lists present rates for our services :
BOF (basic ocean freight) cost:
1.    FCL (full container load):
Xiamen-Odessa USD 1’050/USD 2’200/USD 2’300 (containers 20'DV 40'DV 40'HQ)
Ningbo-Odessa USD 1’050/USD 2’100/USD 2’200 (containers 20'DV 40'DV 40'HQ)
Shanghai-Odessa USD 1’050/USD 2’100/USD 2’200 (containers 20'DV 40'DV 40'HQ)
Qingdao-Odessa USD 1’100/USD 2’100/USD 2’200 (containers 20'DV 40'DV 40'HQ)
Chivan – Odessa USD 1’000/USD 2’000/USD 2’100 (containers  20'DV 40'DV 40'HQ)

2.    LCL (  less than container load – combined load containers from Southeastern Asia to Odessa) : 150 USD per  1 m3

3.    LCL (  less than container load – customs cleared combined load containers from Southeastern Asia to Odessa (Kyiv) “key ready”) : minimum 600 USD per  1 m3

Airfreight cost :
“turnkey delivery” by Air with customs clearance services – minimum 5 USD per kg

Delivery from Turkey (with customs clearance) - 2 USD per 1 kg / 350 USD per 1 m3.

Delivery from Europe to Ukrainian cities with customs clearance: minimum 420 USD per 1 m3

Forwarding in Odessa/ Ilyichevsk : 300 USD

Customs clearance of goods at Ukraine is a complex and tiresome process, especially for people that are not familiar with all the details  of the customs legislation in various countries. In turn, low-quality services for customs clearance of goods can result in long delays or even arrests of your possessions. Customs clearance of goods at Ukraine, without any doubt, must be done by professionals, legally sharp and experienced in the field of declaring.

At present, our company SinoUA provides clearance of any kind of goods that are in Odessa, Ilyichevsk, as well as the Western frontier.

Attention!  Recently due to containers down time in Odessa and Ilyichevsk, our company offers an alternative route via Hamburg with followed truck delivery to any chosen Ukrainian city.  Prices and delivery terms will not be affected, though.

In  January 2011 SinoUA has set up  representative office in Kyiv, so that citizens of Kyiv and Kyiv region can get professional consultation and advice  about customs clearance, delivery routs, dates  and rates  of delivery straight to Kyiv. Also, you are welcome to apply for marketing research in 5 most popular countries on the trade map – VIETNAM, CHINA, SOUTH KOREA, INDIA, and JAPAN. Our agents also will inspect manufacture and factories, control quality of the products  that are being packed for you – just the way you want it and mention in your application.